Wednesday, February 3, 2010

CEO, Cook, Parachute builder, sanitation worker

Hello fellow bloggers (OK, just Kathleen)

I've been pretty busy the last few weeks and haven't had a chance to post. I'm back now, sleep deprived and ready to rock. Problem was, I had not logged onto my blog in so long, I couldn't remember how to do it. Of course I wrote down my password, but just figuring out where and how to log in was the problem. Even though "log in" is clearly labeled, sleep deprivation allows us moms to miss the obvious. Us newby bloggers have our trials and tribulations. Now that I have figured it out, I'm back in full force.

Currently, I'm cooking chicken legs, roast potatoes, cauliflower, and cole slaw. In between cutting the cauliflower, I'm making a parachute with a plastic bag, an elastic band, and an old beaded necklace. My son would like to float his future hamster down the stairs into our basement. At the same time, I'm writing this blog. Super multi-tasker that most moms are, I am also breaking up fights (only happens when on the phone or on the computer), drinking a glass of red wine (best effect on an empty stomach), and trying to remember what I wanted to write.

Break ....

Back again. Poopy mishap. In underwear, (not mine, but my son's), poop rolling out onto bathroom floor. Clorox wipes. Need I say more?

Last week, we purchased a home elliptical exercise machine. My husband assembled it on the weekend and today is the first day I was able to try it out. Guilt, Guilt, Guilt, my best friend. I had estimated a 30 minute work out. I must be svelte to fit into a new bikini by March break. I laboured through 15 minutes wanting to curse everyone and everything. I really wish I hadn't eaten that bag of microwave popcorn last night, even though it was blue label presidents choice. This was after I had read "Nutrition Action" journal which advised that a large movie theater popcorn with the usual 4 squirts of "topping", was a whopping 1, 440 calories.

Greetings to my first member. Giggle giggle giggle.