Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Can't Stop Buying Books

I may have to enter Book-a-holics Anonymous.

I can't stop buying books. It used to be shoes and purses. I was always in pursuit of Purse Nirvana, just the right amount of pockets in the right places... but I've come to realize, in the last few years, I have left these behind. I have moved on...books. My vice.

As project "declutter house" continues, I realize that each room has book piles..my bedroom, which seems to be the worst, has books piled on dresser, floor, night table, in closet...My bookshelves are full already...so where to put them? There's the pile of urgent reads, then the semi-urgent pile from the library, the classics pile, the young adult pile...

The Great Glebe Garage Sale draws me in every year for more books. New books, the spine still cracking...read once, full price paid...I can hardly contain myself.....I just can't understand how someone can sell their books (Sigh).

Then, just down the road, another book sale...a whole bag of used books, and were talking reusable, Olympic size bag, for only $10. I went hog wild.

Then, purchasing gifts for friends via Amazon...well I had to throw in a few for myself, of course to reach the free shipping limit.

And then Stieg Larsson had to go ahead and write 3 great novels. I was able to get "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" at the library. But the problem then became, I was hooked, and had to buy the second book. I have restrained myself and have not yet purchased the third. Breathe.

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  1. Hey Barb, I finally started reading the Book of Awesome! It's great! Next is the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!! Thx for the great tips! Keep blogging!